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Adult + Teenage Masterclasses 2017
Saturday Courses
We are delighted to offer Saturday Workshops and Courses for Adults and Teenagers. Aimed at actors, teachers and other performers, these Masterclasses offer cutting edge professional development and are led by industry specialists.

FEES for these Workshops and Courses can be paid using PayPal  here 

Adult/Teenage Masterclasses 2017 SHAKESPEARE For ACTORS
For 17+ years

Cost £40 per Class or £70 for both
SATURDAYS 10.00am to 3.30pm
September 16
November 18
John Hartoch's Shakespeare Workshops
Recently retired as Head of Acting at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, John Hartoch is a legend in his own time. HIs deep understanding and love of Shakespeare, tempered by an actor’s intuition and the keen eye of an experienced director have inspired generations of students. We are honoured to welcome him to The Actors’ Workshop.
For Adults

Cost £40 per Class or £70 for both
SATURDAYS 10.00am to 3.30pm
September 30
October 14
  John Nicholson - Peeplolycus Theatre    Peepolykus 

September 30th - How To Surprise Yourself

This workshop is designed to encourage participants to feel safe without a script. John is a joint Artistic Director of Peepolykus and his workshops draw on the company’s approach to devising work through clowning and improvisation techniques. John will use theatre games and improvisation exercises to encourage participants to be playful, to surprise themselves and to be surprisingly funny. This workshop is open to all.

October 14th - The Comedy of Tragedy
This workshop will help participants discover how closely comedy and tragedy can sit in performance – when comedy can draw out the tragedy and tragedy can draw out the comedy. The workshop will encourage participants to play the truth of a situation but with a lightness of touch in their performance. We will also look at developing a relationship with the audience. This workshop is open to all but most suitable for participants with performance experience.
  Commedia dell'Arte
For Adults

Cost £40 per Class or £70 for both
SATURDAYS 10.00am to 3.30pm
December 2
December 9
An immersive and invaluable experience for anyone who is interested in performing any style of comedy.
  Cheryl Parmenter - Commedia del’Arte    Learning Through Theatre 

An intensive two days of physical play!

Commedia dell’Arte provides a core training for actors working with physical theatre, comedy and masks. Having worked for over twenty years with this form, Cheryl draws on a wealth of experience in this two day, practical masterclass. The focus will be the use of comic techniques, bringing to life the archetypal characters, and exploration of comic slapstick. We will explore classic lazzi from A Servant of Two Masters and slapstick sequences from Accidental Death of an Anarchist, amongst other sources. With the foundations laid in week one, the second workshop will take participants into greater detail of characterisation, relationships and devising scenarios, ending with in-class performances and discussions. Whether you are an actor, a teacher, a director or a student, you will find this masterclass invaluable training. Participants will need a good level of fitness as this is high energy work!

December 2nd - Masterclass Day One
• The movement, mannerisms and behaviours of the stock characters
• The origins and development of the characters and the form
• The voice of the mask using the breath, grummelot and dialogue
• The key principles of mask work
• Audience interaction
• Comic techniques
• Devising using spontaneous improvisation

Our starting point is the physicality of the characters exploring movement and behaviour, then relationships between characters with classic pairings e.g. Master and servant, Doctor and patient, dumb and dumber fools. Staging and the relationship with the audience is considered throughout along with comic devices to allow the mask to work effectively. We recreate well known lazzi and work on short scenarios. There is an element of performing to the rest of the group as the day progresses, as a comic mask needs an audience to play off and much is learnt from watching and analysing others in the mask.

December 9th - Masterclass Day Two
• A deeper exploration of the repertoires of the main stock characters
• Honing and refinement of your characterisation through the masks, both vocally and physically
• Development of comic material (e.g. lazzi, tirante, sproloquio, concetti)
• A focus on staging, complicite, audience interaction and comic techniques
• Rehearsal, performance, reflection and refinement to fully understand how to work the masks in performance.
For Adults

Cost £40 per Class or £70 for both
SATURDAYS 10.00am to 3.30pm
November 11
November 25
  Matt Grinter - Director/Playwright    Matt Grinter 

November 11th - Page to Stage with Chekhov's Uncle Vanya
Using Antonin Chekhov's 'uncle Vanya' we will study the process of extracting the information needed to bring a detailed and informed performance to the characters within.

November 25th - Performing Contemporary Playwrights
Using extracts from a number of contemporary plays, including the works of Simon Stevens, Dennis Kelly and others, we will look at the disciplines required to perform contemporary text and the process as an actor.

For 18+ years

Cost £40 per Class or £70 for both

SATURDAYS 10.00am to 3.00pm
October 21
November 4
These masterclasses are now full.
Please watch this space for more dates in the New Year.

  Paul Dudbridge   Hanover Pictures 

Are you an actor wanting to know more about acting for camera? Maybe you're a seasoned theatre performer wanting to know more about how a film set works? Or maybe you're a younger actor looking to advance your career in film and TV?

These two weeks of workshops might be just what you're looking for.

The workshops will cover:

• Roles of crew members on set.
• Stages of production and what happens in each area.
• Different pieces of film kit.
• Coverage and what gets filmed. How do you film a given scene? Master shots, singles, close-ups etc.
• Shot sizes and their meaning.
• Directing: positioning cameras and working with directors.
• Composition of the frame.
• Discussing editing and the mechanics of film in relation to actors performance, and its part in the acting for camera process.
• Looking at scripts, lines, exposition, script layout. Character and story breakdown.
• Differences between acting for film and theatre.
• Repeating actions for different camera angles and why?
• Discussing the "given circumstances" of the scene and the responsibilities of the actor on set.
• Hitting marks on the set floor and why.
• Analysing performances on screen.
• Audition technique.
• Subtext.

Paul Dudbridge is a British director, producer, cinematographer and educator, making feature films, television, commercials and music videos. With over 20 years experience in the business, Paul has numerous film and television credits to his name. His first broadcast credits include producing and directing ITV's 'The Christmas Storybook', featuring legendary actor Joss Ackland, as well as directing music promos for MTV. As a producer and director, he helmed the science-fiction series 'Horizon', which went on to win a number of awards at international film festivals, as well as earning Paul a Best Drama Director nomination at the Royal Television Society (WoE) awards in 2016.

When not filming, Paul guest lectures at various universities and colleges around the country. Most recently, he ran the 'Writing and Directing' module for the Masters course at the University of Bristol, taught Cinematography at Falmouth Film School, and Advanced Cinematography workshops for BECTU, the UK's media and entertainment trade union.

His brand new book, “Shooting Better Movies: The Student Filmmakers' Guide” has just been released and is available worldwide.
Call Clara on 07970 748640 
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